Friday, 30 March 2012

Paper bow tutorial!!

Alright, so I finally took the time to take photos of how I created the paper bow I posted at the start of the month.  It is really quite easy.  First off, you will need paper strips and adhesive, I used double sided tape.

To start, tape your strips into a circle (you can play around with the size):

Then place adhesive on a spot on the inside of the circle and squish the top down to the adhesive to form almost a little bow:

Place adhesive on the center of the bow you created and start to stack them together (I chose to stick them with the seams down so they are hidden) to look like this:

Once you have stacked them to a style of your liking then create a little topper.  I play around with this step to see what I can come up with.

And there you have it, your paper bow is complete!!  

Thanks for checking out my first ever tutorial!!!

Paper used: TCP Studio

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